Father Knows Best

   William “Bix” Bixby, Jr., (not William “Bill” Bixby, Sr., that would be his father) loved his job selling electronics at Best Buy. His father hated it.
   Bix thought selling smart phones and computers and TVs and cameras was the perfect job. He loved the products – who wouldn’t? – he got a decent paycheck and his swing shift schedule didn’t interfere with his morning painting. If he got up at the right time, and had breakfast with Sarah before she went to work, most days the light was perfect in his spare-bedroom studio by time he settled in to work.
   Bill, Sr., thought his son was a thirty-five-year-old slacker-wannabe-artist who needed a real job at Bixby Development Corporation, which had built out half the town of Fremont, Arizona.
   Sarah Mae Lawson, Bix’ wife of two years, who kept her own last name, just wanted to put together a down-payment on one of BDC’s townhouses, maybe in The Owl’s Nest, BDC’s newest neighborhood just outside the city limits off I-40. Bill, Sr., told her clerk/artists don’t make as much as the lowest paid commission salesman at BDC, so she was of two minds about Bix’ Best Buy career.

   The rest of the story is HERE.


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